Super Structure

Alder offers complete one stop concrete superstructure solutions on larger projects to owners and GC’s beginning at the underside of the footings and ending with the top of the roof using any combination of concrete – cast in place, ICF, hollow core slabs and pre cast walls.


Alder promotes 'one source - one responsibility' by controlling the crane and all of the work on the production floor.  This increases project speed by removing trade coordination / conflict and reduces superstructure costs by eliminating the overheads associated with multiple structure trades on the same floor. 


Alder embraces flexibility and creativity as no two buildings are ever the same.  Unlike its competitors Alder can supply and install all forms of concrete and therefore objectively recommend and value engineer the best superstucture solution for their client.  We often design 'hybrid'  solutions for structures utilizing the best attributes of each type of concrete construction to minimize costs and / or accelerate pace.  


This allows the owner / GC to sweat the details of sales, fit, finish, construction completion and customer care as Alder executes the heavy construction.    Utilizing our experience we add 'big picture' value and perform as any good sub should with speed, quality and accuracy.